Country Gold - PSR8000

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A brand new style disk containing 10 brilliant new styles with no less than 80 terrific registrations!

Each new style features 2 new intros, 2 new endings, 4 fill-ins and 2 variations, all sounding every bit as professional as the inbuilt styles in the PSR8000 (and TOTALLY different!)

These styles are totally different from the ones already onboard, and although we give you some suggested songs to play to them, you can apply many other titles of your own choice – they’ll all sound terrific!

The manual sequencer pads are all set up to match the new styles perfectly, as are the effects, stereo panning, balance levels and EQ etc.


Country Gold.....15 (around US$22)

1: Saloon Ballad


Wanderin’ Star
Release Me
2: Country Quickstep


Act Naturally
Take Me Home Country Roads
3: Country Choir


One Day At A Time
You’re The Only Good Thing
4: Country Shuffle


Your Cheatin’ Heart
Walking After Midnight 
5: Mexican Ballad


Are You Lonesome Tonight?
I Won’t Forget You 
6: Choo Choo


Folsom Prison Blues
7: Country 8-Beat


What I’ve Got In Mind
8: Paso Doble


Ghost Riders In The Sky
I Walk The Line
9: Happy Country


Elusive Butterfly
10: Country Gospel


I Can’t Stop Loving You
Take These Chains

Price 15  (around US$22)


Reduced price of 14 - sent to you in .ZIP format (WINZIP required)

15 + 1 postage & packing (First Class)

15 + 1.50 Air Mail




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