Making Waves


Making Waves


Beginners, Professionals, DJ's, Keyboard Players, Guitarists, Vocalists,
Bands, Remixers, Everybody who wants to make music on a PC.

Available in 3 versions to suit your needs, expertise and budget.


MWA Making Waves Audio
“You might just find it offers everything you need” Future Music. June 03

Entry level product designed to be picked up and used within 10 minutes. 1000 tracks of Audio & MIDI sequencing and recording capability, AlphaWaves VSTi lead synth + presets, auto pitch shift and time stretching, native and DX effects, max 192kHz / 16Bit recording and playback, loop recycling, multisampling,
“live” performance mode, tempo change, drum machine, ZERO
latency MIDI controller keyboard recording/playback supports up to 6 octaves. Can export audio at up to 32Bit quality. Includes 3000+ samples & loops + FREE lifetime support & updates.

All for just £39.99


£42.99 incl. UK postage & packing  

£43.99 incl. AIR MAIL (Worldwide)  



MWP Making Waves Pro
“With a stunning feature set Making Waves software is a breed apart”
Remix Magazine July 03

Ideal for users wanting ZERO latency support for VST effects and Instruments with full automation, multi-track hard disk recording, multi-track audio output and an extremely high quality audio engine offering 16/24 & 32Bit floating-point audio
recording and playback. The same highly intuitive interface found in the Audio version is employed meaning even inexperienced users can be up and running in a very short space of time. Includes 4000+ samples & loops + 52 VST effects & 6
virtual instruments + FREE lifetime support & updates.

Amazing value at £89.99


£92.99 incl. UK postage & packing      

£93.99 incl. AIR MAIL (Worldwide)  



MWS Making Waves Studio
“There’s nothing with quite the same blend of loop manipulation, pattern creation, audio recording and MIDI sequencing at a
comparable price”
Sound on Sound. June 03

Designed for more experienced users wanting all the benefits of Audio and Pro
but with the addition of a fully configurable MIDI environment allowing control of existing external MIDI capable equipment such as synthesisers and drum
machines, full MIDI file support allows easy editing, over dubbing and synchronisation with audio files and virtual instruments along with FULL support for Yamaha XG MIDI and audio compatible equipment.
Includes 5000+ samples & loops + 52 VST effects & 6 virtual instruments + FREE lifetime support & updates.

A complete music creation suite at £159.99


£162.99 incl. UK postage & packing     

£163.99 incl. AIR MAIL (Worldwide)  




“It’s the most creative studio tool available” - Daniel Bedingfield.

Daniels recent UK Chart No1’s and platinum selling debut album were created with Making Waves software.

“So easy to use anyone could do it” - Daniel Bedingfield.

Need we say more?

Now download the demo and start making your own best selling song. 


Download is a 2.4 Mbytes zip file. Save to hard disk and extract using Winzip.


Why not choose your OWN midifiles - and hear them BEFORE you buy! - CLICK HERE!





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