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...With StyleWorks 2000/Styleworks XT, A Windows program for PC!

Yes with EMC Styleworks (Style Works) 2000 / Styleworks XT you can take an arrangement style from a Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Ketron, General Music, Technics, or Wersi keyboard and automatically convert it to work on your keyboard. With the same program you can also take any part of a MIDI file song and turn any section into an intro/ending, variation, or fill in for your own keyboard! Fully upgraded for the latest keyboards including Tyros 1, KN7000, Roland E80, G70 etc

Style Works saves hours of laborious work making styles for your keyboard. Most of the work is carried out automatically and in just a few seconds, leaving you just a few minor adjustments to make - should you choose to.

To convert a style simply select the keyboard make and model the style comes from. For example if it's from a Roland click on the Roland button and choose the model the style is made for. You can now navigate to the location of the style i.e. A: drive if the style is on a floppy disk. Choose the style you want to convert from the list to import the style into the Style Works 2000 program. At this stage you have a number of options as to how the style should be converted, these are for fine tuning your conversion and can be disregarded until you become more experienced. Now click the convert button and in a few seconds you have a new style for your keyboard. 


You can choose to save to a floppy disk (for loading on your keyboard) or to the hard drive for batch copying later.

To create a style from a MIDI file song select the Style from song module and import the song your want to produce a style from. All arranger keyboards have intros, ending, variations and fills. You can choose what bars of the song should be placed in any of these style elements and how many bars should be played. Once selected you can listen to your new style on your PC speakers in various modes (major, minor, 7th, etc.) Once you are happy with the way your style sounds you can save it to a floppy disk for loading on your keyboard.

Style Works 2000 come in 7 different "flavors" so you must choose the one that suits your keyboard. For example, if you have a Yamaha keyboard choose the Yamaha version. This lets you take styles from Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Ketron/Solton, General Music, Technics and Wersi, to save as a style for a Yamaha keyboard. If you own a Technics, choose the Technics version, again you can load styles from all the above list, but it converts to Technics only.

Style Works 2000 for a specified keyboard costs just 189.99

If you own more than one make of keyboard, or perhaps you run a keyboard club, or you write styles for other musicians then you should consider the "Universal" version. This lets you load styles from all the above makes and save to all the above makes - it's the equivalent of buying 7 individual programs in one pack!

Style Works 2000 Universal (all 7 programs in 1) costs just 329.99



Want to try for yourself, for FREE?

You can download a demo version to try before you buy. The demo works the same way as the full version but only one variation - no intro's, ending's, fill's will be created - sorry we can't give too much away free!

Demo's require WinZip(R) to unzip and setup the files.

Click HERE if you have a Roland Keyboard

Click HERE if you have a Yamaha Keyboard

Click HERE if you have a Ketron/Solton Keyboard

Click HERE if you have a Technics Keyboard

Click HERE if you have a Korg Keyboard.

Style Convert 2000 is available from most good musical instrument shops in the U.K. For purchasers living outside the UK please add 3 for air mail postage.


The current exchange for 1 GBP is around 1.8 US Dollars







STYLE WORKS 2000 UNIVERSAL (7 programs in 1)





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