Top Trax 1 - PSR8000

This disk contains 24 NEW styles, each with it’s own unique Intro, Endings, Fills & variations, together with registration memories. Each disk is divided into 3 sets of 8 ( 3 files ).

You can load one set into the keyboard at once, which then fills the first 8 out of the 16 Registration Memory BANKS. Each BANK has 8 appropriate registrations for one Style, the next bank has 8 registrations for the next Style and so on. Therefore, there are no less than 192 registrations on one disk!!! ( 64 per SET ). Sorry if this seems confusing, but it's easy once you see how it loads!


DOWNLOAD THE PSR8000/9000 CATALOGUE - 12 sheets required to print it out

The disks are set in FINGERED CHORD unless you specifically request Single Finger Chord. These new styles are geared towards certain very popular songs, although many others may also fit!

Top Trax 1.....20  (around US$29)




1 Slow Rock Unchained Melody
2 Soft 8 - Beat I Just Called To Say I Love You
3 Penny March Penny Arcade
4 Wedding Waltz When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
5 Cocktail Bar Moonlight In Vermont
6 Country Quickstep Blanket On The Ground
7 Bounce You're Sixteen
8 Country Lilt Crazy


1 Party! Obladi Oblada
2 Spanish Rhumba Spanish Eyes
3 Big Band So What's New?
4 Dixieland Bill Bailey
5 Sad Ballad The Way We Were
6 Country Bounce Your Cheatin' Heart
7 '60's Ballad You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
8 Country Waltz Answer Me


1 Lady's Ballad Lady In Red
2 Falling Star Catch A Falling Star
3 Tight 8 - Beat Time Is Tight
4 King's Swing King Of The Road
5 Annie's Waltz Annie's Song
6 Shadow Rhumba The Shadow Of Your Smile
7 Honey Ballad Honey
8 Final Waltz The Last Waltz

Price 20 (around US$29)

Reduced price of 19 - sent to you in .ZIP format (WINZIP required)  
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